Want to visit SE Asia, but have limited vacation time?  My husband, Paul, is a medical student so our schedules (i.e. when we can travel) revolve around his school breaks.  Read: We had to fit our trip to Thailand and Cambodia into the two-week Christmas vacation allotted by Paul's school.

Here's our two-week itinerary:

This is, by no means, the "see it all" itinerary and we are NOT experts on the area.  Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Thailand and Cambodia and we felt as though this schedule provided a great snippet of the diverse culture and scenery with the limited time we had.

When people heard that we were going to make this long journey during such a short break, and see four cities, they thought we were crazy!  We, too, had our doubts and were somewhat worried that we'd feel rushed in each destination and wouldn't be able to soak in the Thai/Cambodian culture. However, when we were there, we never felt rushed and the trip felt much longer than 16 days!

FYI: We flew AirAsia between cities.  We decided to fly, as trains aren't as reliable (according to the research I did when planning) and take much longer.  Also, crossing the border into Cambodia on land is supposedly quite tricky.  Given our short time frame, flying was the most efficient option for traveling within SE Asia.

For anyone wanting to see the "highlights" of Thailand and Siem Reap with a short window of opportunity, I would recommend using our itinerary as inspiration.  We will (or already) have posts about each activity (e.g. the cooking class, massages, etc.) on the blog in case you're interested in using the same companies.


About Paul

Occupation: Resident Physician at OHSU
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing rain or shine, cheering on the Beavers, and being outdoors
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About Hannah

Occupation: Physician Assistant (PA)
Hobbies: Being "crafty", discovering new restaurants in Portland, playing volleyball, and enjoying the gorgeous PNW nature
Favorite Adventure: Riding elephants with my husband in Thailand

What's Next?

The couple just returned from a fabulous trip throughout Thailand and Cambodia. While nothing is "set in stone", they are planning their next adventure for 2016.