After a very long journey to Thailand, via San Francisco and Tokyo, we crashed at our swanky hotel (Tenface Hotel) around 1:00 am.  The next day, we enjoyed a tour of the temples in Bangkok with our guide, Oan (pronounced "own").  Although we were exhausted, we loved seeing the city as a "local"
would, using the public transportation system and eating amazing street food throughout the day.  At one point, Paul and I were hopping on an old metal bus, complete with peeling bright pink paint, which didn't stop to pick-up or let off passengers.  Rather, you'd jump on/off the bus as it slowed at each stop.  This glimpse into daily life in Bangkok was quite enjoyable and exactly what we were hoping to achieve during our stay.  Wat Pho, home to the large reclining Buddha, was one of our favorite temples in the city.  Below are photos of our visit to Wat Pho.  We saw other temples in Bangkok, including one located on top of a man-made mountain.  However, we must have been tired, because our photos end after lunch...


About Paul

Occupation: Resident Physician at OHSU
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing rain or shine, cheering on the Beavers, and being outdoors
Favorite Adventure: Proposing to Hannah at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

About Hannah

Occupation: Physician Assistant (PA)
Hobbies: Being "crafty", discovering new restaurants in Portland, playing volleyball, and enjoying the gorgeous PNW nature
Favorite Adventure: Riding elephants with my husband in Thailand

What's Next?

The couple just returned from a fabulous trip throughout Thailand and Cambodia. While nothing is "set in stone", they are planning their next adventure for 2016.