In the morning, we traveled from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by plane.  It was Christmas, so we treated ourselves to dinner and Thai massages at a gorgeous spa, Fah Lanna.  The Thai massage experience was amazing, although sometimes painful. It was a deep tissue massage wherein the masseuse used their entire bodies, sometimes standing on top of yours, for maximum pressure.  Paul absolutely loved the massage and now wishes all massages were like this.  Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of ourselves dressed in the traditional spa garb, but we managed to snag a few snapshots of the spa with our iPhones.

[the spa's courtyard]

[funky bathroom]


About Paul

Occupation: Resident Physician at OHSU
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing rain or shine, cheering on the Beavers, and being outdoors
Favorite Adventure: Proposing to Hannah at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

About Hannah

Occupation: Physician Assistant (PA)
Hobbies: Being "crafty", discovering new restaurants in Portland, playing volleyball, and enjoying the gorgeous PNW nature
Favorite Adventure: Riding elephants with my husband in Thailand

What's Next?

The couple just returned from a fabulous trip throughout Thailand and Cambodia. While nothing is "set in stone", they are planning their next adventure for 2016.